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leads to fat accumulation, the latter increases the interference with the cell func-
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rabbits. Almost any tissue in the body is susceptible to invasion
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only one important element — her father had died of heart
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and the "Bellevue Medical College" have become corporations,
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subsequent general manifestations. Sanarelli, however, regards it as
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conversely, type A and A prime sera should not inhibit
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His first electrocardiogram at this time (Fig. 210) showed auricu-
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(1) a treatment with a given living micro-organism, or its chemical
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patient, uncomfortable and anxious, often already somewhat
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in practice, an antibacterial serum is of no avail in diseases where toxaemia
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The result of the examination into the sewerage system of Memphis has satisfied
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(3) For information concerning the abundance of mos-
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Thursday evening, May 24, the surgical section will hold a
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inebriety. And, if one's ancestors have been consumptives, the
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as too often occupies undue space in similar works, we can-
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Clinically, it may be said that Addison's disease resembles a toxaemia ;
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further refrigeration if the time of transit exceeds 24
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(2) Budding spores (or cells) often detached from rudimen-