neir acqua potabile. Gior. d. r. Accad. di med. di Torino,

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he was assured that he would be absolutely relieved, which

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managed care would not significantly impact the “major

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epinephrin, C n H 15 N0 4 , is capable of taking up three acetyl groups. Inasmuch

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excitement she put it in her moutli, and accidentally

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tain in their effects in this country than in England.

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ing the night. He had a movement of the bowels to-day

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influence of ergot on the child was also considered.

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causes sleep. A change of locality, if only to another part of the same

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of morbid development and activity. The practical sugges-

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in cases recorded or mentioned by Fabricius Hildanus (quoted


the intima of the great vessels, notably the aorta. Fatty change also

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subcutaneous tissue beneath the corn, but is by no means a con-

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aided by warm friends from every part of the State, the bill was

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poverished condition of the tissues; the 5 of croup, having enlarged tonsils escaped

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uric acid. He had reached this conclusion from aji ex-

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handling of ex-soldiers, I find, in the average 300 soldiers I am caring

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ture, but w^as kept near the house in the horse pasture. It began to

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index almost normal; blood pressure in the radial 122 mm. Hg.;

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an inclined position ; this ad vantage has been obtained

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Worl(^ says that a properly constructed sanitary car should

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At the same time one must bear in mind that a woman may be hysterical

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nodules vary considerably in size; usually they are firm, especially when

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Church of England Training Colleges — one near St. Paul's Church,

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tion in the organs of speech, swallowing, and in the extremities. In ihe

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In the first place I have to tell you that the proceedings of the

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