humorous songs, shouting, and attempting to get out of bed, after the
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"should be content with doing nothing when ignorant how to do good."
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Do not think you are too wise to profit by it, when Rev. Dr. Andrew Preston Peabody, of
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ter — Causation — Diagnosis — Prognosis — Treatment. Subacute and Chronic En-
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larity in the- action of the heart is not infrequent. Intermittenc}' of the
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disappear. Persons with this predisposition often have an uncomfortable
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tussis, rubeola, scarlatina, and varicella, prevailed epidemically
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tion. Had he lived to practice and to write another twenty-one^
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incapacity' for exertion, coming on generally about an hour after food, and
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Medicine— Thomas J. Mays, S. Solis-Cohen, J. P. Cro-
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peristalsis, diminishing the harshness, and at the same time increasing the effectiveness of
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with mere attention to hygiene. Bloodletting is not called for except in
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The tenderness is often such that the slightest pressure is painful, but the
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brane, leaving spaces, or loops, in which portions of intestine are liable
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( Vide Chapter YIII.) In cases of general dropsy it occasions a dispro-
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INFLAMMATION of the membrane lining the cavities of the heart, or
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exercise, mental excitement, over-ingestion of food, and the abuse of alco-
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with lymph, which is soft or dense, according to the duration of the affec-
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renewed attack. There is, therefore, no need of extreme precautions in
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forth a true, mirror^ in which they may see themselves as they
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Ferro-Salicylata and all other preparations of this Company
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patient not having experienced any very decided relief from the
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andria, District of Columbia. It was at the latter place that
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organs. Fibroid and indurated liver are also appropriate names distinc-
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have reference only to the palliation of symptoms, and measures to pro-
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of the liver are attributed by Bright, Frerichs, and others, to acute diftiise
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kidneys. These cases had convinced him that amaurosis was
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occur are exceedingly few. Of the few which remain, probably in most
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(2) Wood— Therapeutics : Its Principles and Practice, . • " 6.00
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