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draw. Do not attempt to be in too great a hurry and

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on Scarlatina, published in the " Library of Medicine^^* Vol. 1., and which I feel great

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Of these various bromide solutions, I direct one or more

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with the colouring matter of the blood, which not only indicates that there has

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termed gouty, is occasionally the starting point for endocarditis. Nephritis

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number of well-qualified observers with leisure to work, and

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writers that it is too delicate of construction for all

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was found in the animal-houses, especially toward the

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ninety per cent, of modern clothing is faulty and even harmful.

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births during the year 1898 was 32,222, the lowest since


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patient should be protected against cold, and tepid

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"It was my intention to have detailed some other instances of

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circular distance of nearly five inches around the squa-

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tration of the solution. From the studies of Nirenstein and Schiff, however, this

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diary, August 27, 1687 : " I was at His Majesty's levee,

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more generally recognised and practised at the present time, for

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by the amount of the incompetency, by the state of the ventricle,

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'jthlmurhij od a tympanitic note from n-laxeil Inn:.' i-^.t.

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Among authenticated instances of tapping, one of the most remark-

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toms, and clinical study fails to verify tJiis otherwise beautiful

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from chronic alcoholism Avith symptoms of insanity, for though seclusion Avill

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he visited the opening gold fields of California, only to procure means to

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election of a Medical OfEcer of Health. It has been conceived

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into Cryptogams (flower-less plants) and Phanerogams (flower-

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a severe attack produced in a gentleman, by jumping from his

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exudation of a large quantity of lymph into the tissues surround-

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metric pressure remains constant also. These experiments point to

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Avhere the youth and general health of the patient, and freedom from

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