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ing a congested state of the meninges, but it is neither usual for the
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the sputum is to be destroyed by boiling or burning and the spit-cup
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licular tonsillitis in exceptional cases only. The histories of the two cases
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the arterial tone, while the drinking of warm water produces a relaxa-
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reassure the attendant, and embolden him to order regular repetition.
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observe on every hand the most perfect antiseptic precau-
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Weighs one hundred and twenty-two and a half pounds, a gain of sixteen pounds,
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Baumler has called attention to a type of tuberculous inhalation
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beds, dusting and sweeping the rooms of patients, are most exposed ;
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A test said to be of a far greater diagnostic value is the subcu-
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the painful paroxysms usually beginning in the morning and terminating
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