to the impaction of the calculus, and the other kidney has been
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exhibited to the Section. He has had no iodide. At the present
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facts proving this contention. In further corroboration it may
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itir.i, but not in the trunk, head or neck, where the
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chronic salpingitis, hydrosalpinx, pyosalpinx, or hseniato-salpinx. They may
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Jxdy 30. Lungs: Dulness, diminished voice, and breathing at left
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lli: .- alter the injury, I was called to lind him with a jirofusc
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In the ' Fourth Annual Report of the Massachusetts Board of
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in June, 1863. Every permanently organized State, County and Local
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lasting about seven minutes, the strength of the cur-
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all so ; while in chronic laryngitis, I have seen the
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It is difficult, if not impossible, to estimate the actual value of these
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by the physician or a capable assistant ; thus nearly all cases of
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followed. In one case three calculi were extracted, one being the size
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vesical hernia is small, there may be no symptoms whatsoever point-
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Bozeman, Nathan G., 9 W. 31st St., New York, New York Co.
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clearly connected with the stomach and bowel, that a special type of
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play a part in producing discomfort and depression on the
posterior lip was very thin, and about half an inch long.
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where this has been present. The waxy form of d^eneration may affect
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tions sous-conjonctivales de solutions anti.septiques dans
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Nor could the coryphsei of physical diagnosis in Germany satisfy me.
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If bloody, turbid, thick, and depositing an excessive proportion of sedi-
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was of a purple color. A drop of fluid presenting at
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practical and reliable in their work, especially since they have aband-
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The man had been quite equal to any exertion, yet he had a
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conditions still so widely prevalent in Africa, and we see compara-
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with simple salt solution. Sometimes nightly injections of an ounce or
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which hungry men commonly discover without aid, was pointed out by a large
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an important point in deciding this question. The tracing, Fig. 40, was
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within a week, while six were completely cured, Salol is not a
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ap])lied to the limb by means of bottles of hot water, which was grateful
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noting that the disease often begins after some acute
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