event it is to be noted that when the lower margin of the organ lies near
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Infection may be carried to the gland by way of the lymphatics
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solutely negative. One case of miliary tuberculosis gave but a slight
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about. Temperature, pulse and respiration show fever and systemic
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products which act upon the cells, a process of coagulation necrosis
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is operated by one open battery, which is for weeks and months constantly
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nec, who subordinated the whole conception to the unity of tubercu-
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patient to avoid deteriorating agencies and to obtain the best results
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The respiration of air at the normal tension while the body is im-
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purity of tone and the precision of sequence. Perhaps even with
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detect disetise thivn by the broader face of the Hj)onge cup.
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little bodies; that the orgauisms were constant in appearance and
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so-called "anomalous cases" may thus be explained. The point of
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of its being over three centuries old means much to all acquainted with
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Note: Actual number of patients in each age group denoted by number
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saying to me, “You’re the first woman geriatrician we’ve had.”
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when sterility is reached all tubes are left out and the Can*el-Dakin
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are treated from a practical point of view, but with considerable detail,
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kindness of Doctor Meerovitch, surgeon-in-chief of the City Hospital
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struck the side of the car. I should judge that this was due to the
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that therefore the subject could not unconsciously have obtained a hint
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and over, ‘once you put them on it, it’s so difficult to get them
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AVheu the patient is out walking it will, of course, not always be
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the stomach we use a double stethoscope with long rubber conductors, so
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from palpitation, purging, vomiting, and extreme exhaustion. A
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treated for syphilis, therefore, should be told never to smoke, nor to
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bod}' ; according to Fayrer, Nuja (a cohibrine) kills without destroy-
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PNEUMOCYSTIS CARINII PNEUMONITIS; Recommended dosage is 20 mg/kg
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for it. An “all normal” report sent to her would be most
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recurrent urinary tract infections); S. pneumoniae and H. influenzae (as in
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lesion of the vocal organs, such as ulceration; or it may be a
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(Arrhythmias, sinus tachycardia and prolongation of conduc-
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Medical, one of the medical schools in the Northern California
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there were evacuations of a black color. A drop of its blood re-
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production of isolated karyokinetic figures. On the sixth day there
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necrotic masses. The epidermis is therefore broken through quite
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phocytes and probably plasma cells. An early necrosis is a marked
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Congratulations to 40 local intermediate and high school
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Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc, July 5, 1919, 73, No. 1, p. 14). Fatalities
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The auscultatory' symptoms obtainable in pulmonary tuberculosis