cartilages. When multiple, chondromata rarely grow big, but a single

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the symptoms are those of asphyxia. In a concentrated atmosphere of


small doses and often repeated, I have occasionally seen burning in the

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the ointment, which the patient rubs into the part by rolling the tongue

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had supervened. In the fall of 1833 she was much increased in size,

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which the organs of the right side of the body are found occupying the left

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opinion upon subjects connected with medical science, 1 consider it my

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blowing, where the blowing-tube is passed from mouth to mouth. Out-

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limate. In chronic cases the earthy pallor of the skin or bronzing, the

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shown to afford the general indication (p. 242) that there is sonne ira-

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inflanmiation still extends, some pustules, but no mitigation of pain.

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of lead paralysis are : little if any disturbance of the sensory fibres, with

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riahzation are increasing, as always occurs when the crisis is likely »

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haemorrhage, but may be necessary for secondary haemorrhage on account

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Sir, — At the request of Professor Armsby, of Albany, to whom 1

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long continuance that man regards them as a necessity of his occupatioti,

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to work, and at date, a year since the treatment, does his daily duties and feels

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side ; in extra-genital chancres the lymphatic gland physiologically nearest the

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wall, the general characters resembling those of tuberculous ulcers elsewhere.

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denly, without assignable cause, with dyspnoea, cough, expectoration,

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nervous energy, as we shall hereafter notice^ this criterion must be re-

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tionless as before. Repeat the leeches, and apply round the eye the di-

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The Prognosis is grave if a large quantity of phosphorus has been taken.

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analysis of the water of these springs, which must be of coosiderable

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orders affecting the mind, it would be presumption in us to pretend to

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plaques of organisms called Leptothrix racemosa, which generate lactic acid,

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Taking Australia first, it must be said that the coast towns (and all the

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without difficulty, and in great plenty, with yellow blossoms, growing on

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Koch states absolutely that this transmission does not occur, or but

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or in the lower lobes near their upper part, and the more recent farther

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peritonitis, with or without perforation of intestine, or from the onset of

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has revealed more than was ever before known on the subject, and at the

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<< When, in tbe course of phthisis, vomiting is the mere efifect of the

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troublesome, especially in patients of a heemorrhagic diathesis, in which class

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\^ upon us for further notice. The first, the Progress, because it purports

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exposure, it was exactly thirteen. But shorter incubations are undoubtedly

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ntlsAwtory fef(HlBce.*-i*ofUge th0 wune as for a Kewapaiwr.

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what similar monstrosity is hypoagnathus (also called otocephaly, agnathy,

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the frenum. This deformity is extremely rare. It is very common, how-

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latter brings on that of all the organs." — Treatise on Ldfe and DeaiL