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destroys bacteria. A deodorant is an agent which destroys offensive

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weak, the voice feeble, the stomach irritable, the skin cold and covered

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patient's powers of resistance are failing, and under such circumstances the

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normal flow of the blood from the cavge will induce it in connection with

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boiled water, as is required. It may be used in suppuration of the middle

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the morning and evening in the fresh air. The first indication, then,

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blood-changes begin to manifest themselves — changes that favor hemor-

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never be used indiscriminately. It is always desirable to postpone its use

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typhus fever. In pyaemia and septicsemia there are irregular chills, followed

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sis. Squills, juniper, broom, and cream of tartar act as diuretics in such

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obtained and moist crepitus is present. Where the diagnosis is

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testine and extends inward, it will be most extensive along the line of the

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occurrence of heart failure, but the great relief and comfort which it gives

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■W'lio arc ct)Msuiii|)tivi'. In young fcnuik'S tlsis is rometimcs the linst

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which has ulcerated on the top. It does not suppurate and has a vel-

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The prognosis depends more on the age than on any other single ele-

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operation the shock may be brought about partly by exposure of the

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tion of peripheral nerves, even when they form part of a state of shock, will

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tions are important diagnostic features of croupous laryngitis. Within

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Physical Signs. — Palliation shows the liver early enlarged, having slight

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In aortic endocarditis the second sound is usually lost over the carotids.

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lordosis of the spine, produced by extension of the legs, as occurs in hip disease.

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Sometimes it is so severe as to cause great shock; especially is this

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On jja/jjation the vocal fremitus varies : it may fall below, or equal, or it

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the diagnosis is more difficult. It is accompanied by a peculiar

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Place a piece of minced lean beef in a glass fruit jar which is then sealed

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more readily accessible. The evidences o( rupture of an aneurysm

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the bone. Should there be extensive destruction of the bone, and a

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simultaneous occurrence on both sides in connection with general dropsy,

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In tlio progress of medical sciences durinf^ the four years since the

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ually suppressed, while the expiratory is greatly prolonged, the ratio of the

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