that habits of self-control may be gradually developed.

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Sanitary Bureau, Health Department, for the week end-

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Six months later she was examined and found to be completely

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ary 4th, the State Oyster Inspector presented a report

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to rear her child because of the conditions which prevail

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require ; also eggs, two ounces of wine, a 1 ounces ; porter, a pint ; eggs, chop, cod-

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but the inflammation, under these circumstances, is generally circum-

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emptying the bladder, immediately before and after the

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by an incision eight centimetres in length and parallel

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occasional belated victims of puerperal septicemia seem

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of inducing a series of symptoms that correspond quite accu-

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well-filled coronaries, therefore progressive myocardial change.

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after a prolonged innnersion in a local bath containing them.

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ical Work of the Lawrence Experiment Station, Includ-

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Boston, in relation to this one disease, practises upon a roost excellent

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being able to include here the history of another patient in whom

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humerus in January 1895. He was put up in splints. When these

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fibrin, and to dissolve the albuminous exudations. Whilst these remedies

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gical changes in the principal rupture, to be due to vomiting. The perforation

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several days afterwards, with very large swellings of the parotid

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connection with a paper the subject-matter of which you

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cholangitis and acute hepatitis. In other words, we believe that the

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The left coronary artery, which is usuaUy seen near the

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prepared by cureting the six-<iay-oI(i vesicles on a "sown" calf's abdomen,

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ference, liver abscess may terminate in various ways.

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on diagnosis and treatment, and plentifully interlarded with the

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otherwise sterile. These lesions were perfectly typical of the lesions

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complished, we are generally forced to acknowledge our utter helpless-

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the CSMS-IPA will need to do that which is necessary to

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addition of the local anaesthetics, iodoform and the