The lumbar nerves convey sensation and the mandates of voli-
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"Acconite, tartar emetic, stibium, spongia, hepar-sulph., sulph. acid, mere,
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very large, greatly distending the sac, and showing that the in-
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be repeated in six or seven hours after the dose already given,
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April 12th — Slight cough ; gave enema and light nourishment.
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After examining carefully the various accessible sources of
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any disposition on the part of the writer of this desultory article, to
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in restoring strength to the long-enfeebled limbs of a paralytic patient, by
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the matter to which you allude. Your reasoning*upon the therapeu-
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superior to that excited by irritation of the cephalic segment,
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mends (N. Y. Journal) "a solution of borax in glycerne, the former
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"Notwithstanding all the laws of sympathy that are ne-
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the contracted vagina in a spongy growth, rather larger than the
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and it is often of great importance to refrain from eating
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animals, up to man himself, possess odoriferous, or (as they are
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ment of function be involved in the meaning of the word, it has
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influenced by reflex nervous action, except as incidentally
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The treatment must be commenced with simple and harmonious
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and the efforts made to reduce it, making gangrene not an improbable re-
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But physiology gives more than merely the explanation of
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steam — may well pause and look to our laurels in the regions-
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denominate ulcerative absorption. Of the intimate nature of this
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past month, in a medical journal of considerable pretension to character,
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by saying, that the mechanic might as well ask what is the
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cranial and intra-cranial tissues and organs become affected with
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Evening Session. — The Society was called to order at seven
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nal parts communicate with the exterior, and by which either mat-
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bearing down description, when the bladder contracted, as it often
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ble, met him, he was found ready to yield up cheerfully to others that trust he had
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tion was contra-indicated, though the influence of old ideas is yet seen
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had been afflicted with erratic pains for the last twenty -four hours,
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the same time. It is better, indeed, after the foreign
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cause of the meningeal disease. When tubercles axe found an, tka
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course every now and again a case occurs in which the
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the case, in order to be enabled, by the lapse of time, to esti-
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ous cells in the organism renders a variety of nutriment
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by which it should be speedily accomplished 1 The Board of Regents
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same effect, as it is well known that there are whole tribes of savages who
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jects, in which they have become deeply interested, than when
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one place, he asserts that none of the oxygen inspired remains
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