of the samples. The number of bacteria varied from 150

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the fact that we must not look for a distinct shadow from

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In forty-eight cases of labour, of which record has been kept, there were

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confirm the statement of our able friend, Dr. Meigs, in a note on this matter

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servations of Seegen. According to him, there can no longer be any

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Carcinoma of the Uterus. J. M. Baldy, Philadelphia.

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cicatrix itself was about one-third the size of the original

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proving that in these the primary vaccine had lost its prophylactic power.

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Fig. 8 is illustrative of a leprous beggar boy 8 years

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touch; neither sleep nor sweat could be induced. He sunk under the

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pox which now exists in the border counties at4iwjiieh,^t is

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implanted ureter was found to be "decidedly smaller than the

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fifteen centers west of Sudbury, and in thirty in what i.s called

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I can only attribute the irregularity of the latter part of the first case to a

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been based on exclusion of the liver, because the distended

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subcutaneous tissue and sometimes muscles — ^were infiltrated

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covering the anterior aspect of the knee-joint. The urine was

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something that was very like the Kussel fuchsin bodies. Culti-

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brought relief. Probably this poisoning of the air was owing to the carbonic

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organisms, hence there is no reason apparent why they

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a marble bust to be made by Daniel Chester French, the

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to influence the disposition of several thousands of

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Clinical Medicine in that institution. With an introductory lecture by Nathaniel

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The memoir of M. Cuynat is terminated by extensive details of the

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child of one of his near neighbors, 8 years of age, in

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and has produced a controversy in the columns of the Time»

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that the railroad company would pay for the surgeon's

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Causes upon the Moral Faculty. Delivered before a meeting of the Ame-

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is uniformity in products. The importance of all manufactur-

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About the 15th of May, 1838, the present disease began; had then a mere

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ments. It was then between nine and ten o'clock in the evening. She

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compelled to walk on the tips of the toes. In spite of

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with statistics showing its superiority over venesection,