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disease-germs, derived from the atmosphere or other external sources,
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mate. Soon after being subjected to a lower temperature,
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the knee-joint, 4 ; leg, 418; foot, 116 ; shoulder-joint, 27 ; arm, 141 ; elbow-joint,
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or less implicated, tlie Surgeon should always bo prepared, in
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abduction ; there is grating ; and a rim can be felt around
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Lawrence Stewart Edwards, of Patchogue, Long Island, July 25,
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lation is adapted to var34ng conditions at the periphery or center, and
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cases of obstructed labor. As Professor Phanomenoff makes
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Exclusion of the Chemical Effective Energy. — This is
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. I think we should not go away with the idea that ether is the only
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both aortic and mitral valves are involved in an acute endo-
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can be expected of a serious analyser who has only that to do.
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rule which gives an equal repi%sentation on the Medical
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gravity of these than those of any of the other causes which we have
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and lozenge-shaped plates had crystallized in all the hexagonal cells.
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" saturated solution of iodine in rectified spirit."
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every student, of every sedentary person, of every invalid, to
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2. Periostitis. — The distinction between scurvy and periostitis is often
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project considerably beyond the organ, it is ai)t to give rise to local symp-
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permits every quack, pretender, impostor, and fraud to prac-
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tic agent. It seems but proper at this time to view it
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cells gathered together in little groups. In addition to these changes
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the pulse rate. The latter conclusion is based on experiments made upon
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viability of the meningococcus. A variety of mediums have been
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that purport be written by the health officer.^ Or, if the farm be
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enlarged, of a firm cheesy consistency, and of a whitish
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is thiia the original meaning of the word. And here I
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The minuter bronchial tubes have no sensibility ; hence, when the
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Hence they may form an index of the patient's progress. They are
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Tumors, of testis 100; fibrous, of the uterus 103 ••;