T)i intssEN, A Manual of Obstetric Practice; Jellet, A Short Practice of Midwifery ; Galabin,

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but probably some cases are saved by early diagnosis, and do

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Hollyday, W. M., Asheville, Univ. of Md., 1908 1914 1915

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very soon— long before the chancre makes itself appar-

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cells gathered together in little groups. In addition to these changes

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Assistant Surgeons : Drs. N. G. W. Davidson, R. Tennent,

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Then an incision must be made upon the upper part of the scrotum

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$1,399,669. Their expenditures aggregated $1,333,361;

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John Rogerson, Aberdeen-terrace, Grove-road, Bow, E. ; Thomas

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recognised after the decomposition of the sponge. Hopfer de I'Orme

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ercise — sometimes hunting, sometimes mountain climbing, sometimes

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gators employed a flat tray, the surface of application of which

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cause of this affection. The particles of food which become

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by making an incision upwards at right angles to the first which

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and camphor salve, then a piece of oil silk, cotton and bandage.

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have failed. It is used to improve the nutrition of wasting muscles,

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patient died subsequently from nephritic complications. As to

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finds the water too cold, and then the limb is removed from it — the period for

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' the patient, for his body is mutilated by the knife, — bad as regards the

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gelatination thus taken up corresponds to the water

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much valuable space would be wasted were we to mention only

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much the same manner as the bass note of a pibroch is kept

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Church of England Training Colleges — one near St. Paul's Church,

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as those following middle-ear disease, the base is chiefly in-

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with every consideration." 3 This small " attempt in

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each case the type of infecting organism before serum

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But if it is a question whether the University authorities,.

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duration and high intensity of piroxysms. .A.ccording

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more frequent occurrence than has been hitherto supposed.

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the clot has been found undiminished in size, and filling the cyst, two