primary anastomosis if the gut is not viable, but that this
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inches, time 6 minutes, filtered through 3 mm. of aluminum
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or manner of life? — or is it the effect of other diseases?
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to the tissues, and growing, produces a lump, or tumor, which
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bandage should be loosely applied, of just suflicient tightness to re-
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tration we avoid producing that irritation in the alimentary
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large curvature of the stomach, when the swelling was
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desquamation was seen. But even in its highest development it does
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in cardiac strain, gouty heart and nervous disturbances ; angina
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long duration of the fever and the emaciation which it causes. But it is a
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3. White soft soap 4 oz., powdered Castile soap 1 oz., oil of
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University in the Museum ; and the Eeception at New College by
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as an important sign of the first stage of pneumonia, and to what
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in clinical medicine and pathology. For example, Erasistratus described
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of a simple funnel-shaped depression. The esophagus, between one-third
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iisive of mild cases in which there is transient stupor or inscnsi-
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ularity. The sensibility of the internal organs may like-
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At the autopsy it was proved that the patient had suffered
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ulcerated surface about the size of the end of my little finger,
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Tills a|»|Hiii>« to l>t' tho more lu-ccssury Im-ciuisc tlurc is
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Doty and Dr. Jenkins voting against it, and the resolution
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More often it is noticed that they do not lift their feet in walking,
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process, or peribronchial glands? No doubt all these factors
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in warm climates resists full and continued doses of quinine, it is
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tics can never predict outcome for an individual infant,
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most .severe when due to the colon communis and strepto-
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Pediculida with five-jointed antennae, distinct neck, thorax narrower than
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a, ami, when these operationsaresulHciently advanced, the period
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elasticity, and that of the perineum on wliich it rested,
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by the most eminent men in our profession, the death-rate is over thirty
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ally 1 gallon of water; mix, and filter or decant: for mange,
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cases may be cited ; — 1. A gentleman was travelling in an express train from
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The chief importance of a knowledge of this disease is
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The sack and contents weighed about thirteen pounds. The ,