lie says that symptomatic treatment is the very acme

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rounder, and more vascular ; to the touch it feels fuller and softer :

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Medical colleges do not ask pecuniary assistance of the State,

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always be inconsiderable, as it is necessary only to remove a

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here it is not only believed, but regarded as an expected cul-

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Second day patient reports that pain disappeared in

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these certificates would fail to note that the com-

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4, 1919) cites eiwht illustrative cases and refers to

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save life. In the subacute forms septic infarcts and

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which means the parts to be excised were laid bare ; by a few

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Secretary of State for the Medical Service, created

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peace, without having had all the socalled cures of

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give him some substitutes for his primitive impulses

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performed by a person whose very bones were pliant and flexi-

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eight hours, so as to admit of the withdrawal of the ligatures,

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cal : it produced traumatism, to the already weakened

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facts which have occurred to us. Are we then to consider fever

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plasma spaces of the tissues ; the second, waste ma-

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more excruciating, and the discharge of blood from the bladder

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something different from all these.'" What is the pathological

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are sufficiently freed froiu the skin, bone, and each

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to the seventh or eight dorsal vertebra ; nor if her complaint

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mild virulence of the cocci. Nevertheless the infec-

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uted to chronic intoxications, viz. : alcohol in ten

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rians of remount depots, it was stated that the losses

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rior ligaments, whose effect may be similar : and also to the

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pharynx, nasal accessory sinuses, teeth, and alveolar

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it might be called a Friedreich. The family history

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and is probably connected with tubercular growth in that viscus,

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of potash with tamarinds, and to have the wound dressed with oint-

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ought to be retained in the trade followed l>y them

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probably not well founded. Surgical shock, he said,

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hibition of alcohol as a terminal effort on our part


tion to tuberculosis of the lungs. Doctor Grier had

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tral wood. The first produces an infusion similar to turbid beer,

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has given rise to deception in this matter, is this ; — in some

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delusion, as it states that, "John Doe to the best of

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