diately below the trochanters, and at the same time carried an in-
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from being then in her menstrual climacteric, he should consider her not to
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mowing-machine; it inherited the hand printing-press,
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fry until quite brown two sliced onions, adding, while cooking,
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Medical Journal to strengthen and cooperate with the society. Dr. Pitcher,
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will yet be found most effectual in removing the disease, often
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to pronounce, as puerperal fever. This proceeds from the fol-
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solve the rotation matrix for least-squared matching in two 3-D data sets.
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" A very marked example of this disease came under my notice during the
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with the institution, and Mr. Listen, of Edinburgh, has been appointed
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Longitudinal outcome of patients with a mild cognitive impairment
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superior binding, make the work a very handsome one.
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may be added if it seems advisable. Counter-irritation may now be
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growths they form in the body when they migrate ; the infective
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ment is presented here with a view of giving a clear understanding
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who are at a distance from them, unless tliese thoughts have been
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tions the thyroid gland in sjjeaking of the operation.
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cognize poisoning by strychnia, even when masked by a more or
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Dr. H. A. Wilson, of Philadelphia, in October, 1880. Thus far, the salts
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to three parts milk, from a gill to a half-pint to be
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tomy in five cases; ovariotomy in two cases; conservative surgery
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Brain and Spinal Cord. — As a result of the attraction which
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measurements are — length seven inches, diameter of
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^' dip" candle to be passed into the bowel night and morn
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cords or in the lower portion of the laryngeal box may obstruct the
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from them a fair expression of their opinions in relation to this
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sulphur. Dose, as a diuretic, 1 scruple to 1 drachm ; as
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be unprofitable to enter, for a short time, into a consideration
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now. In a well-equipped hospital is found every aid