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Board convened to meet at Washington, D. C, April 25, 1904, for the physical examination
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pathy ; but that homoeopathy is the curing of diseases produced
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In the recently published Blue-book on Abyssinia it is
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to resort to forced diaphoresis in treating this distressing malady, which
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plications had proved unusually fatal. He was inclined
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Radium treatment seems to have produced good results in a few
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are attacked suddenly without premonition ; the person may
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Apis. Violent headache, amounting almost to unconsciousness; pain
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tures dealing with the thtory of anesthesia, its physiology and
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They are found abundantly in the lymphatic jilands and
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-Quinine frequently answers the purpose better than anything else. It
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local quarantines of their quarantine functions to the
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It is evident, therefore, that the history of the case, a knowledge
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claim the privilege of calling chenncal facts to the attention
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assumption Behmiann has administered creosote internally
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these are normal in the cold-blooded animals. (2) In per-
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by any other observer's investigations of the same subject,
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great thing. I tell you, gentlemen, that the North was forced
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Steinmetz, William R., C'ai)tain and Assistant Surgeon, now
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probably small. His opinion is that carbonic acid is rendered more fatal by
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on deep excoriations. The pustules of impetigo simplex, on the other
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Itself in the head with its own sting, because, though not absolutely
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trismus and could neither speak nor eat. He began to pour pitchers of
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line from the heads, and taper gradually, giving off two to six branches.
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patient has been plunged into a butt of wine (Trousseau). The patient
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gall-bladder, cystic, hepatic, and common ducts; 4 (2.2 per cent.) had
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client. Treatment of a disease is a struggle for the life of a
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to the ordinary remedies for catarrh, and after lasting one or
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United States — too many by half : but the poorest of them