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Caae. of obacrvution. DiaKnosis. Bile. Urine. Stools.
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Summary. P^mbolic aneurysm; . marked splenic enlargement;
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by unwise and thoughtless domestic criticism. The persistence
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but always below par. An organic digestive condition, even if of
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Monziols and Collignon found that in the great majority of their cases
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The present paper is a continuation of the author's investigations on
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compounds, even when well borne, are less efficacious in relieving
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the sore Throats which are observed from time to time in some
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frequent attacks of colic, produced, as he supposed, by his
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to show how to avoid contamination during the adjustment of the reaction
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The autopsy, however, gives a surprising contradiction to that view.
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one blood-culture, with negative result. The ])atient had been dyspneic
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The vital fluid in this case was nearly exhausted, but the
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cells undoubtedly epithelial in character and rapidly multiplying into a
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something more definite, might be ascertained of its true cha-
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and then with a few drops of para-dimethyl-amido-benzaldehyde solution ;
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of the patient to serum, the induction of a localized anaphylactic reaction
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— the names suggested are sufficiently descriptive. This is an miusual
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is one of the chief factors in general treatment. S. U. L.-B.
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the operation of the emetic. The emetic I sent him had not
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cannot be considered as true pulmonary osteoarthropathy.
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Temperature subnormal. Slight delirium. Next day severe pain referred
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This ' action at a distance ' of the radiotherapy should be taken into
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Cowgill, G. R., and Mendel, L. B. Studies in the physiology of vita-
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duodenum more or less high up, according to the degree of ptosis or of
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careful postmortem examination of 59,460 hogs, of which number 50
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ed periods, balanced sentences, or ambitious ornaments, all of
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for a small part, of the increase in the incidence of the- disease which we
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atrophy are to be seen normal tubules with active spermatogenesis. The
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■ Tho percentages are computed on llu- ba,ii.>* of tlir totals in racli caHo, t. c, total
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for in the upright position these loose adhesions became taut
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bladder by the tonic contraction of the plain muscle surrounding the
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infantilism — two of the Frohlich and three of the Levi-Lorain type — in boys
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tests in cases of primary syphilis with negative reactions, it was found that
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by the account of an autopsy on a case of epidemic hiccough reported by
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when the number is very great (e. g. after cooling 30 minutes) the concentra-
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Observations illustrative of the Nature and Treatment of the prevailing Disor-
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deration of these cases. 1. What was the nature of the dis-
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sternum within the thorax. He lays stress upon the difficulties of diagnosis
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pregnant women whom they took out of the Institution into
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in the home hospital was a second attack of relapsing fever. Such cases
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composition of the fatty acids obtained from bacteria, those organisms