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but to protect members against attack from outside its ranks.
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Resolved : That the minutes of the Trust Funds Committee
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clinical description serves for both. The book affords proof
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two cases recorded below. It is probably not advisable to
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London ; Professor Gairdner, Glasgow ; Mr. T. Gilchrist, Omagh ; Dr.
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could be sent out to the seat of war, as well as .Wl assistant
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markedly baggy, cedematous, translucent, and pale. The skin
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What to do in the treatment of an ulcer that extends into the ear.—
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HoUinshead, E. H. Irwin. M. Jackson. J. B. Jamieson, T. F.
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allowed to enter any school of medicine. This indeed would
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London, into the country for not less than a fortnight's stay.
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C. Cork ; Mr. H. Connop, Elstree ; Mr. W. F. Coles, London ; Mr. M.
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intermittent pyrexia which usually coexists with the presence
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or without drainage, the patient should be fitted with a
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S. de Ranee, Assoc. Inst, C.E., etc . Secretary of the Underground Water
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