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the introduction of Veit's treatment, was 35.3 per cent.

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the jar is a substitute at once cheap and effective, and we have never found any thing

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gion or district of country; the soil, surface, and exposures, hill or

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only a small portion would be absorbed, could give rise to this pheno-

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559. Also, Reprint. — Reports of fatal cases, with necrop.

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the eyes). After proving the existence of invisible idols (4.26-109),

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the drop of water, in which it is examined, turbid and milky. The opacity is

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periostitis of the left lower jaw was found. She developed

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perspiration, and finish with half a grain of calomel, one and a half grains

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as well as England. An army of students has conned its pages,

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Tympanites. — Turpentine stupes. Turpentine or thymol in-

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trated with polynuclear leucocytes in immense number and suggests

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irregular finger-like masses. Mytotic figures in the attached endothelial cells are

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greater expense of complicated, indefinite chronic ill-

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perishing or escape of the ovum. This occurs preferably at a men-

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vaccinated, or 30 per cent., and of these eleven died iinder 5 years of

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occasion. It was, however, very much softer, only requiring

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remark objection w-as taken by subsequent speakers : Dr.

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agents, among which we may mention the following disinfec-

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ating such dangers are too obvious to need enumeration. It is generally

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Epidemics of the Plague were frequent during the ]\'Iiddle Ages, when it

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From all the foregoing details, it will be apparent that the great lead-

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2 :00 p.m. — “General Consideration of Carcinoma of the

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cles away from the genital centre over the abdominal surface or over

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where the malignant tissue consisted of scattered alveoli, or the usual

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a tumor about the size of a goose-egg. This is circum-

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other was affected, he found glycosuria in five to eight

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exhibited by Dr. Vance. I believe that pessaries do a great deal of

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quisitions. The spirit of the Kantean school had, at one time,