£24 4s. lOd. when compared with 1891-'.i2. In face of the in-

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Tespects to be regretted, but the form of the original is very

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Dr. W. J. MIDELTON (Hai'ston, Cambs.) writes : I cordially endorse Dr.

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and for London. There would seem to be substantial agree-

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tion in habit and study such as is only possible in a true uni-

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they fell to 11.6, less than one-fifth of the prevaccination half

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of the late Professor Salzer of Vienna, had distinguished him-

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minor ailments, in 2 or 3 hours. You speak of "young prac-

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with formalities, and with the limitation of the powers of the

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against small-pox (p. 78), there being not the slightest refer-

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Dr. James Robertson, wlio has been during so many years

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possible to clear the common duct and impracticable to per-

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the Educational Committee : Dr. Bruce, Dr. Tuke, and Dr. !

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in a coal mine. So much indeed is its importance recognised

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up in less than three weeks from the date of operation.

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IS'.tl, by Dr. Skipper of ToUington Park, 1 found a large prominei.t swell-

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Fountain Hotel, at 6 P.M., charge (exclusive of wine) 6s «d. An extra

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think that one more ponderous psychological joke had come

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was compelled to take to his bed, and on November 6th his

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■^^ Council, gave judgment for the College, awarding them

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case to begin by putting the organ supposed to be at fault to

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liable to an action for discharging the effluent into the

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leprosy, or at any rate a standstill. We cannot here give a

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together. Considerable lengths of bowel had been excised

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At present the whole question is being considered by a ■

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scarlet fever patients in the Metropolitan Asylums Hospitals and In

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use of tobacco. Those which increase the ability to do

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more fit, for they are under the eye of a master, to attend on

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soon became evident that his statement as to his memory

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Injuries of tlie liver may occur from stab or gunshot

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Dr. Giles, in reply, said with regard to the sources (evapo-

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Charing Cross Hospital ; \V. E. Fairweather, Owens College, Man-