and by ligating their ends. I have tried bringing the ureter out and

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During this time, if he can be roused at all, he is generally very irritable and

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patients taken to the hospital, require surgical assistance. The

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date, after having written his thesis, and fulfilled the

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that, although the hymen was undoubtedly lacerated, it was not one of recent

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after excision or caustic should be allowed to heal, or be kept open

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had examined the accounts, and found the same correct.

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although it occurs much more frequently at its onset than during its

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jority of these cases this alteration is of a tuberculous

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Prognosis. — This is usually very grave. In some instances the con-

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tained in the explanation already given. Many bring on

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accepted that the rigors preceding the hot and sweating stagc.«).

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Post-mortem Appearances in Eleven Cases of Cholera Infantum, 1858.

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Two rabbits were injected with 10 c.c. of a genuine brand of

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as beneath it. The myocardium was filled with them.

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The following histories and temperature charts illustrate the prominent

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leads to little more than repetition of ancient errors. There is

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the existence of nerves whose excitation brings on dilatation of the vessels

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that the walls of the uterus increased in size by a process of growth in the

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tina, may be unexpectedly terminated by a sudden effusion into the

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same as in Paris and Berlin. In all these or several times, 45 per cent, infect their