Clinical Diagnosis. A Text-Book of Clinical Microscopy and Clinical

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porated under the name and style of ' The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario,'

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May 3, 1 P.M., temperature 104.4 degrees. Injection of

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named a psychic complex). The mental complex I have already

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Beatific platitudes, catchy phrases, seriously worded resolutions,

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thin coating of Merck's alum compound. This very quickly dries

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nicious anaemia. I have had three cases in which we made a diagnosis of

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The writer has two cases now under treatment, in both of

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A tiny craft in sight of new shores ; he wanted his latitude and longi-

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About 24 per cent, of the deaths occurring during the first

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eration. It has been recognized for many years as a cause of

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ily to relieve her of all annoyance, the lifting of every burden.

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interest in it. You might give it to some broker and pay him a percentage on it.

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sclerotics. The term claudication has been applied by Marie, Leri,

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medicine. At the present writing the interest centres about

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Dr. Sanoster — I do not care to give a silent vote upon this subject ; I think it is an

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are more often associated with a lowered tension. Although per-

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know that there is any objection to having a committee appointed by this Council for the

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of the highway, and our frequent escapes from war, famine, acci-

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tensity of business or social life, an increase in out-door life

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ders Co. Probably well-known to most of our readers. The new

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ture of impatience may, if frequently repeated, beget a corres-

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The Chairman put Dr. Fowler's amendment and, on a vote having been taken, declared

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The method of pasteurization, already spoken of in relation