By sterilization is meant the complete destruction of germ-life. This is effected by expo-
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A man with fracture had slight ulceration of the heel from exten-
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Rosanow,° of Moscow, shows by a case in which he ob-
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2. That " weeping-eyes" may be due to occlusion of the lach-
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veterinary inspection ; and then, how many farmers would care to
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Round worms in fair iiuiiiIxTs are almost always present
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be usually found to affect the outside of the region of the canon-bone rather
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There also is a conjunctivitis more common in children
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Dr. John Faust, of Poughkeepsie, says that student-life never
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I have known this practised with success; but it is a matter of
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Baths. — The object of the appropriate hydrotherapy is to reduce the
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about one-third of the population of malarious countries
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objects indiscriminately. There is a peculiar, wild look in his
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Therapeutics op Wounds in the Joints and Ligaments.
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If this does not act thoroughly, it should be followed in the evening by a
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eases to be sought for and avoided are so numerous that they cannot
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28. Liver. Roundworm invasion through large common duct, showing
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much developed; mind clear; answers precise, voice firm; no head-
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mercial exploitation, an abundance of good food carefully
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The failure to establish such relationship in pernicious anemia, or to connect
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upon the correction of an intestinal toxemia when pres-
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A letter was also read from the Civil Service Commissioners of Chicago,
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Gary E. Elwes, P. L. Gauntt, G. P. Hayter, G. W. Higginson, W. E,
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doru8') ; the diaphragm (Maguus^); the meninges (Herophilus
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be healthful and wholesome, and in which the consuming public
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in the suppression of this disease in Europe, and, further, that
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jection of 20 c.c. often promptly induces recovery. A second injection of
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the large intestine. It is allowed to stay there, and in some eases the
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by Dr. Schmitt, that the application be granted ; carried.
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A higher recognition by the State and cities of the value of a