vertical suturing of the peritoneum and the transverse su-

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upon the sheep-serum agar. A series of Ringer's solution's sus-

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lived three years, and had no return of the obstruction to urination.

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145 Two Interesting Cases of Hernia, One of Them Strangulated,

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years old, who was apparently doing very well, the pulse most carefully

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should be communicated to convicts in the penitentiary,

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by profuse transudation of a fluid, containing little albumen, into the

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5. Using 60 mL catheter tip syringe as a funnel (plunger removed) slowly fill bladder with sterile water or physiologic saline,

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invariably employed the silver suture alone, properties. It is said to be twice as heavy

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complement + 0.2 cc. of 5 per cent guinea pig red cells were used.

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If bloody, turbid, thick, and depositing an excessive proportion of sedi-

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in addition to his other duties, attend army officers and

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lar mind. It is handed down by tradition, and is confirmed

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minent symptom of several widely different patholo-

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male, the catamenia are becoming scanty. In the subacute variety the

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as he proceeds inward; this traction must be uniform, and

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surface as a curette, provided prompt contraction of

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child, twelve years ago, she had a perineal laceration down to the

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convince. In choosing cases for illustration, he very

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Brodel stitch in suturing the parenchyma to the muscle

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effected, great and permanent amendment may ensue. Iodide of potassinm

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the case discussed in this issue’s clinicopathologic confer-

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country, beginning in California in 1856, and in the Eastern States a little

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models, instruments and apparatus for illustrating the different departments of study, have ail been

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for years had his head felt so clear and free from headache as it

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sponded to their proportions in woman's milk, was advised as the best substitute

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establishment of State and municipal sanatoriums in

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argue that, because adapted, ulceration would be likely to follow.