in caliber, and this diminution is especially marked in the small vessels
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ations are harmful, others are not. I will simply refer
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In one large octavo volume of over 750 pages, with nearly 300 wood-cuts, extra cloth.
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ning of pregnancy. In such cases the casts in the urine
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-and Charcot (64); a similar one by Ballet; and another by myself (26)).
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on right side of face. All branches involved. Was first
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public notice from his profe.^-sional attendance upin
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the sutures; Miss Catherine Simmons, of Roosevelt Hospital,
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movement. Sensation and motion in both legs became rapidly
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21. Group of Diphtheria bacillus : Medium-sized and small bacilli ;
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tions. The cases of "neuritis" attributed to this cause have
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the right upper extremity. Of two pulsating swellings at the
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2d. In gonorrheal arthritis, passive hypermia should be used at once,
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teries he has known of no sickness which appeared to
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willingly occupy themselves, usually because of emotional inac- *
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In conditions where a gain in weight is especially desired,
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logical condition of the brain or its appendages, may differ in
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kidneys. Disregarding the excretion of water, which is doubtless a renal function
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Eyes. Edema around both eyes; pupils react; edema on back of scalp.
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urine was dark -colored and the stools clay - colored.
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bulije into the sac, which is distended with cerebro-spinal
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* Conceptional syphilis is syphilis transmitted to the mother by a foetus born of a
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were distended with blood, and in ethers still, both the veins and arteries were filled
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adenoids, the pharynx was generally more or less congested,
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should be given in the evening, as their operation lias a tendency to sleep
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freely as ever. The trade of the city and state should
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The neck protruded at the vulva, and the case had been mis-
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carry you with me at all, I nuist first interest you once again in this
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slightly necrotic odour ; wound dressed with sterilized gauze and
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ment school will be opened in September. A good supply of the
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