broth. It is therefore evident from the above that the reaction
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ish and acrid taste. When further diluted, however, it is easily
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other light foods. Whey, as it is not so nutritious as milk, has rather
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stimulated, the heart action is slowed and strengthened, and the appetite
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Calves' Liver or Poultry Liver: Up to 100 G. (3% oz.).
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mind of his medical attendants and old friends, Dr Omond and
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It may be remembered that the brain of Cuvier weighed sixty-four
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elevations of temperature from 1.5° to 2° C. As soon as a strong enough
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— all which may be traced in general to congenital defect of the
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of these and is kept at a temperature approximately 10° higher.
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Digitalis, Strophanthus, CafFein, Liq. Potass. Acet. — Fiirbringer
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mental faculties " — very strange, when he is so notoriously insane
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Sig. — 1 tablespoonful every hour from 4 to 8 P.M. (dispense in
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examination for motility was made from 1 8-hour growths in broth and agar slants.
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conditions as a preliminary to experimental work to determine
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culture. The higher up in the respiratory tract, the greater variety
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with the striking regularity of the approach of the monsoons or
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placenta was also soon removed. Notwithstanding this, the fits
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quickly fatal) was without effect on the immune rabbit. This
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systems for symptoms of intoxication. The author has himself seen 2
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wards he should be wrapped in a blanket for an hour or two to sweat.
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during and after labour may be, if not avoided, much modified ; and
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true articular rheumatism) ; Fowler's solution; and, in acute exacerba-
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react to the cold do well during the fall and winter months, eat well,
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also. The author, as has already been mentioned, cannot agree with
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develop passive hyperemia of the liver and kidneys. From the hepatic
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and washed with HgCla (i : 1000) and alcohol (80 per cent). After
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It is generally given by the mouth, 1 G-. (15 min.) a day. Twice
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half the bread. Dinner: Soup, beef, vegetables, potatoes, 1 glass of beer.
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of distress, particularly palpitation of the heart, but such symptoms will
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One end is placed in the right axilla, the binder is then brought forward
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lung extract may be found in the presence of lipoid bodies in the
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cholera miasma, moist atmosphere as a vehicle, and a prevailing
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mncli blood in the body altogether, and too great a flow of it to the
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esting to notice the change in colour which the face underwent
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(glycosuria). This oversupply is due to a decreased ability of the
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that the accumulation of waste products from the process itself
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Bromides — Quinine. — Instead of opium, we may use bromide in
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the control experiments 1-3 and also by experiments 29-39, ^^
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such compression possible. The stoppage of hsemorrhage before the
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of fluctuation to combined rectal and vaginal palpation. The uterus
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For the rest of the meals, more may be left to individual choice. In
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supposing an animal to die in five minutes, and hence all circulation stopped, the cells are as
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To begin -with, a few words concerning the disposition of carbo-
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it was too severe for the nurses. Most old people and some adults,
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to trace the atrophied vessels up to the point at which they had become
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uterus, by curtailing the period, and so to lessen the risks of ordi-
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