Chapter on Physical Diagnosis. By Thomas J. Maya, A.M., M.D.,

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and would allow it to suck. A short time afterwards she gave milk; then,

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the physicians, the Mayor and the city Board of Health,

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moie than a few centimetres from the first rib. But in most of the cases

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subject of a future communication. In mammalia and in birds, the germinal

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Philadelphia. 1861, died at his home in Allentown, Pa., of

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every thing disadvantageous which promotes the absorption of the matter.

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for a month, afforded some relief; but the disease at length appeared to

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the presentation of a powerful agent that interferes

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jects zinc chlorid. Three cases thus treated are described in

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the specifying of brands by physicians in prescribing throws

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" There are other advantages, which, though, they be of a subordinate

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added either on subjects not included in the former edition or

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hospital the rheumatic pains increased in extent and severity ; advancing up

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sleep for a fortnight after the accident, and was delirious during night.

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tions are to be met with where the tensions acting on the cell

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flaps dissected freely and closed over the catheter and

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cities of the country indicates that there is a real demand

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disease, while others will speak in rather a vague manner

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which, after the death of his brother, Dr. E. L. Youmans, he

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place, and this can only be affected by combined diaphragmatic

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the benefit will be experienced through your whole life, and the full amount

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38 An Obscure Case of Hysteria with Associated Right Mydri-

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master can teach to his apprentice ; he may give the rules, but the scholar is

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syphilis is a disease which inflicts great injury upon the

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Ans.— They are Dr. J. Howell Way, Waynesvltle, N. C, and

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acquisition of the ability to do both is best facilitated

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Nasal deformity from syphilitic destruction of bone

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cent, solution of creolin. A purulent urethritis followed with

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