to reimburse ftineral expenses in ease of death ; and if romove<l nncured
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biologists as an absolute novelty. iVtr deus iiitersit: a revelation of
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are growing worse. You will notice, Mr. Chairman, that, taking a business view of the
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result of the inquiry now commencing under such favourable auspices."
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went by the name of human horn ; and a well-marked instance of the
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fifty-six of our fellow-men have been the subjects of its
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fourteenth or fifteenth day; more frequently it takes place about the twenty-first,
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2%e application of caustic potass exposes to hemorrhage; but this hemorrhage may
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as hemorrhage had occurred through the eschars at the time tliat the caustic had
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cases before you if I could not include myself in the category of those
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ROY.\L College of Physicians of London. — On December 6th,
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Dr. Williams— My opinion is the same as Dr. McLaughlin's, that the by-law simply
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tion of blood beneath it to account for such symptoms. That the boy
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It would be impossible to give to our readers a correct idea of the physiological
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bright, glossy green silk, which she promptly called red. When these same
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if the process of growth be interrupted before the two sides have been brought
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cated the muscles of the legs. The temperature, pulse, and respiration,
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of composing himself for a chill perhaps setting over a fire or reclining in
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tion. The President prefaced his demonstration by remarking upon the
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homes, often at lesa coat than the price of food and labor
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the year, we refer to the Treasurer's report which is
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influence of the ganglionic nerves upon the muscles.
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long intemperance, the same treatment as in the foregoing cases is recom-
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There were in the Hospital, at the commencement of the
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ported, the disease had lasted just a month. This had been the case
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243 ; Mr. R. T. Manson on antiseptic treatment of, 407
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which before the operation was impossible. The hemorrhage was slight
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the Massachusetts State Lunatic Hospital, the practice above alluded to is
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piece sufficiently large that may not only considerably forward the heal-
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by M. Martin, in the Observateur de Sci. Med. Marseilles, 1825, there was
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very extensively in the Foundling: Hospital of Brescia in Italy during the Au-
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288 Hays's Report of Cases Treated in Wills Hospital.
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The eyeballs w"ere greatly depressed, more than half of the iris being