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The third, and last division of the chest is the metathorax;
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It is needless to give close details of the recovery that
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The causes of plethora are, first, a constitutional tendency which may
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or drugs which, when locally applied, were really provocative
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The appetite is of no moment at the first onset of the disease, but
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through successive generations; and in the third place, it. is often
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tra-uterine and intra-uterine pregnancy existed at the same
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an absence of mortality in some 1200 cases in which the
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parasite renders necessary an essential modification of the views hitherto
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was not affected ; the rate was slowed in about one-half the cases.
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— ^local and general — are liable to be confounded with syphilis. Mere allusion
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of the Royal Society of Medicine, Section of Ansesthetics, May, 1916). — The
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organism could not maintain itself without a continual proteid waste ;
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into sugar, whereas no such thing occurs in a healthy stomach : Bernard
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