larger medical corps for this reason : If you have to get hastily
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into urea. Researches have shown that in dogs uric acid is
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rapid improvement in the eyesight; while later through high
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receiving the usual treatment of massage, hot and cold packs,
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three years of all or most of their troubles. Internal treat-
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they procured their diplomas, must comply with the schedules
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tinued. If the $500 appropriated by the Association last year
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ble non-traumatic cases I employed it. Although both
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119 Practical Suggeatlolta on the Treatment of Appendicitis.
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Hampshire District (Mass.) Medical Society. — This
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The method of Steiner is very simple and as accurate
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there is but one just plan by which the fee should be regu-
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books and medical journals; by his own personal experience
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hemorrhages in the serous membranes, the muscles, and
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of the median line and downward to within 5 cm. (2 inches)
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tient aged 2(1. Pneumotomy was performed and the abscess
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courts, even if the State Board of Health b^ only an adminis-
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gauze-covered bottle which took place when an electric
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Analgesia to the level of the diaphragm can be depended upon
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turbances found in these cases, drawing attention to the two
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on the fact that a number of State societies meet twfore the
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d' Hygiene Professionelle" in 1874, and most of his numerous
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the pelvis is of narrower dimensions; evolution of the
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tion he was advised to return home, as his case looked sus-
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medical society should be organized in every county in the
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l™K^''Hf?'^wi^r.r»V <^"°*<"'- Husted, Eugene G., Beamsvllle.
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an increase of 2046 as compared with 1899-90. The average
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and that they will then agree with ns. I oppose tbe sending to
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dissatisfied with the governing body which is known as the
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Dr. Flexner said that he expects to hear soon that plagne
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the disposition of the accumulating surplus. Shall the
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pital, convalescent, or have been only recently dis-
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lowing resolution of Dr. John B. Roberts, of Philadelphia was
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murmur, and according to degree and location the pro-