the medical literature of the sixteenth century. Sydenham and his con-

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s ckness-like syndrome, generalized allergic reactions, generalized skin eruptions, photosensitivity, con-

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this fluid is poured out in much greater abundance than in

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14 W. J. Highman and J. C. Michael : Arch. Derm, and Syph., ii. 544, 1920.

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died, and the death ascribed to peritonitis? Dr. A. M. Cartledge and

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larynx been opened on the third day of ill- \ ness.

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up to about thirty days in the permanent resident ; extending it even to sixty

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child, twelve years ago, she had a perineal laceration down to the

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repeated. The temperature rises in the course of a few hours to 104°-106° F.

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1 An interesting essay, in which the author shows that the

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copper, phosphorus, together with a great number of vegetable irritants,

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rifles, bayonets, swords, scabbards (Fig. 62). and tent pins; splints

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tively odorless, so that if a leak occurs and the gas escapes into an inhabited

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insect either at her death or when she deposited her eggs, and that

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administration. Since his original publication a number of competent

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and given me a dose which satisfied me at least that somnolence was

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I must make' a remark, if only in the nature of a simple reflection.

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seen fit to commit an act of the grossest injustice. They have announced

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racic aspiration is thus diminished, and hence follows engorgement of the

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covers a distant, muflaed, irregular first sound, may be mere

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supplies, or the collaboration of auxiliary workers.

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difficulty into the vagina ; membranes ruptured, and then the discovei v

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since conceived. There was nothing remarkable in any of them :

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when the tap was at 10. This test lasted one hour, and used up

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of Physical Education. [v. p.] l-S, 1885-93. 8°. [Cou-

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October 12, 1894, and I believe it is the first time the

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postoperative pain management using fentanyl patches in dogs

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cussion and the application of the hand were of little avail on

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woman came into the village to summon him. The doctor went immediately to his

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E. Solly, Colorado Springs ; The Climate of Southern