guardians are under the custody of the guardians of the poor : and this
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questioned by the relatives of a child who has been exposed to scarla-
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of infectious disease, using quite neutral unsterilised glycerine. I put
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attacked. It is either snipped out by means of scissors, or
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Mr. Arthur Marmadnke Sheild, F.R C.S., at the same time
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tery in India by large doses of ipecacuanha. At that time the dis-
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nerves in amputations. These are usually very painful, but the patients
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the corps specified, all dated May 27th: ARXarR Lewis Copner, 1st
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are more severe; the swelling of the face and of the eyelids may com-
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came into force at the beginning of the current year, 1893.
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On December 28th the urine was passed four times easily in
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morbid process continues for six or seven days. If the attack comes
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cussed, and the possible eSects of treatment noticed. The
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At the annual meeting of the South-Eastern Branch of
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the bacillus of typhoid fever can grow only in a human body, but
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other towns they caused the lowest death rates in Brighton, Norwich,
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this frequently exemplified in the difference between bottle-fed and
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^, ^.v.t ^m.'»r :o oat ham or sausages which are not thoroughly cooked.
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even when extensive fat necrosis surrounded the abscess. The
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permanent and worthy memorial of his connection with it.
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lescence is always an alarming symptom, as it is a sign of degeneration
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liquor potassiiun (see Pyelitis) will be of great service, while the diet
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of an epileptiform character occur, followed in some cases by hemiplegic
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the fingers and thumb. In the pressure palsies the supinators are usual-
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the preparation of the report which is an invaluable contribu-
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food, this can be best supplied by the various preparations of fermented
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The marrow is pinkish in color, soft and friable, and very richly
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synovial capsules; this was formerly called white swelling of the
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symptoms of this condition are simply those of increasing deafness
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been done out of the rates in years p.ast. No definite answer was given
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k\A\ \^rrk. wlllt Hevere toxic symptoms. It is rare for death to occur
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TwQ had migraine, but there was none in their families. This fre-
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I had a patient come to me with unmistakable symptoms of Addi-
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mothers received tlie liquid being larger, heavier, and stronger
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Dr. Barnes, and the following intend to speak : Drs. Culling-
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contract on faradising the median re^ve at the middle of the arm. On
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the administration of salvarsan with a true mercurial treatment, which
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whose temperature is always from i to 3 degrees higher than the tem-
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discussed separately and distinguished from each other. The old
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Deaths in the Profession Abroad. — Among the members
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physical condition of these soldiers, from the poor food and other hard-
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not become acid, and the influence of amyl nitrite on the