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as they stand, however, to the problems of the diabetic's dietary.
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more serious if during the period of menstruating. Scan-
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arity in the position of the patient. By this state-
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resembling hysterical coma. Yeritable coma is liable to occur, in this
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the normal calibre of that portion of the urethra in
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bedtime affords a valuable aid to normal sleep and may
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thyroid, which was pulsating, and Imemorrhage was expected ; but it turned
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The skin was cold, the cornea glazed, and the face pale and placid ; there was
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metropolis of Ohio should be at the front in sanitary matters
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meetings are both pleasant and profitable to those who attend them.
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no smeU, but is very acrid when chewed. It contains a
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phagocytic power of the tissue cells suspended or impaired, the
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of fatuity, whereas in the yellow remittent, it is of the
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thus one of the difficulties and dangers in operating
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organizations is the possibility of bodies of immigrants
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The blood examination on admission showed haemoglobin 90, red blood-cells
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ing still more sensitive to the touch, and the slightest friction from the
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normal. The optimum temperature was determined as 55° C. The
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hospital at the foot of East Sixteenth Street being insuffi-
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813. Green Grape Janri— Ingredients— To l lb. of grapes allow ^
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sounds were much more persistent, and rarely exhibited a
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right to practise Medicine and Surgery in the eotmtries where
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jjoisonous (loses, which caused the conui : (2) tluvl it was due to the serum
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found in the blood-vessels and also in the lymphatics. Tliey
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Varying Significance of Intermittent Albuminuria," by
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work of these organs. Ice water, when over-heated, or other means
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opinion of a former generation, differs very widely. But
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in all parts of California and in neighboring States promptly filled
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er causes, the gall-bladder, distended by the accumulation of bile,
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water is necessary in the sanitation of a place, because with the dis-
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orrhage every kind of food, all medicine, the baths,
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t. i. d. at the first dose, and increase the latter 1 gr. (0.065) each day until the
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by Diihrssen, of Berlin, the vaginal operation has, both in this
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a sanitary stand-point as would be conducive to good
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tibrinous arthritis and also sero-fibrinous, catarrhal, and pure
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manner in which it was anchored down to the pelvic floor, its
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of the capillary. No hyaline droplets and no definite degenerative