1 ; by accidental shooting, 1. Total, 61. Of the 42 mentioned first,

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is afforded for examining the cases and seeing operations. At

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nund)crcd I, 2, 3 and 4; they ehoidd be as nearly equal in size and

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pharmaceutical practice and termed a cubic centimeter.

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ness under its use. If a solution of atropine were dropped into tho

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Constituents. — 1, linolein ; 2, myristin ; 3, palmitin ; 4,

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Action External. — Aloes is a slight stimulant to raw sur-

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indicate that our names for fevers arc not very much to be relied

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pinion that it will prove to be otic of the most valuable essays ever

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daily, or in the same dose as.Lugol's Solution, until iodism

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Deaths ix Boston for the weekending Saturday noon, May 30th, 71. Males, 41 — Fe-

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sanction of the judges, before recommending them to the law-makers

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the frcf^h specimens, but visits the great Pathological Museum, for

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digestible and palatable form, and in as great a variety a».

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with sterile water, or, better, normal salt solution. The

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globin is altered in poisoning, proving that the corpuscles

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osteomalacia, delayed union in fractures ; also anaemia,

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fore, fit for medical and surgical uses is Price's, Avhich is made by

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troops by preference — who have not been previously exposed to

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the walls of the pharynx, so as to carry the particles of the sub-

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to the extreme western limit of our State. Few who have not visited

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ceutical preparations : it has been detected in sulphuric, hydrochloric, nitric, ace-

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be felt by digital examination. No violent pain had been complained

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except a small quantity whose amount was known. The subject un-

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sparingly soluble in cold alcohol, but completely soluble iu.

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pyrin may be applied as a hremostatic upon bleeding surfaces.

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on either hand impassable swamps. As a result of this, the gratifying

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sion has undergone a very important change, chiefly within the past

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impossible, as in unconsciousness, dysphagia, convulsions or vomiting.