instance, from 1859 to 1862 in Bohemia. In 1830 it was intro-
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The group contains twelve cases in which the diagnosis rests only
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decreased. It is not to be wondered at, in the light of these
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fever. The inference is that the disease may find favorable conditions
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This little work presents a selection and classifi-
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collapse from too large a dose, especially when injected into
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Dr. Lane — I take it for granted that those men would have no standing as legal prac-
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ital exploration revealed omental adhesions to the uterus and the ap-
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masses, although far more common in constipation, may likewise
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typhoid bacillus produces hemolysin in various culture
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without a struggle, in spite of every effort made for his recovery.
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The Elements of Clinical Bacteriology. By Dr. Ernst Levy, Professor
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The pains soon came on, and in half an hour the child was born^
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while it is not attended with any risk it does not com-
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Dr. La veil, of Kingston, died February'' 18th, aged 76. He
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minent symptom of several widely different patholo-
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ing as they do totally in pathogenesis, structure, frequency,
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there was extreme redness of the corresponding side of the face and head ; increased heat S5
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Hundred and Fifty-three Illustrations. Philadelphia : Lea
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and C. B. Radcliffe, M. D. London : Churchill. (Received regularly.)
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Should we be justified in flogging a drunken man, acting on the anaesthetic prin-
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the deep cervical to descend in front of "the first and second ribs, at