side of the fibula on its postero-internal border. It is in an osseo-

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in adults, on the mucous membrane of lips, cheek ^^' ''^'

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a cancerous mass in which are embedded numerous concretions.

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some writers maintain that a cancer is due to a parasite. This remains

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ment met with in the urine, in fact, when the urine is alkaline they are

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the disease. I have brought forward these facts to show that duiing this epidemic there was no evidence

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processes of pulmonary phthisis, based on the development of tubercle

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from privies, sewers, etc., which have been the receptacle of excrement

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pneumonic lung the color remains ; in oedema and congestion it dis-

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respiration becomes dilficult, the expiration noisy, and it is accompanied

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spasm, but shall also at the same time tend by its action to reopen the ave-

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the kidneys will be enlarged, and the ei)ithclium of the convoluted tubules