cold bath should be employed. Extra feeding, especially with a large
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Inoculations made with spoon holding about 0.16 c.c.
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certain, and proved by experience, that unless students were re-
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should be performed below the thyroid isthmus. The substance of
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several of our most potent toxins were obtained from bacilli isolated
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is frequently only one thing to do, to remove the fluid by puncture.
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litmus, at least "0.5 per cent acid to phenolphthalein" ; (2) it should
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leads to fatigue of the heart muscle, a true "delirium cordis," and a
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trose, lactose, saccharose, mannite, and raffinose. No gas produc-
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of the strife, as it has been found that in fibres whose transverse
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27. Thomsen. Ztschr. f. Immunitat (Orig.), 1909, i, p. 741.
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gradually to develop themselves while the patient seems to be
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divided solid matter; and can slowly migrate from spot to spot in the body,
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physiological cause which enables us to reckon the ages of trees and
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munication is not borne out in India. To take, for example, the
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Kingdom ; and whether, similarly, a more or less consolidated examining
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and, al"ter the operation was over, intraperitoneal accumulation of
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lation which innocent and malignant tumours stand to each other,
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— — — AND Neumann. Cenlralbl. f. Bakt., 1909, Orig., 48, p. 657.
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mended in all cases when the compensated lesion is accompanied by
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problematical chance of saving the child's life, even if it were viable,
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quantity of bread or potatoes, 120 G. (4 oz.) of water or of light Bor-