tions, so made, that the right lines of light from the anode cross each other.
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(§ 11, No. 2), this intention is afterwards changed, then — without
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the limbs are not paralyzed. The patient sinks into collapse, and dies in
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c The drawings, MS. V., fol. 29 b, and MS. A., fol. 22 a,
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pensation for valvular defects, however, occurs quite as
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hypertrophy of the heart are the causes of cerebral hfemorrhage with
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tongue assumed its normal size. The physician in charge, he claims,
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several days afterwards, with very large swellings of the parotid
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I a.n very much inclined to believe is a mere theoretical idea ;
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working hand, since the scar tissue will break down upon slight
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The nuclei of the red corpuscle of the bird can ac-
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md the greatest care of the general health. Many delicate
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The letter of the medical officer of the Privy Council
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pulse rate constantly lay between 100 and 120, and only
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division ; 2d. By budding — gemmation ; and 3d. By the forma-
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on a chair ; or to stagger about the room in a supposed state of intoxica-
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attacks of orchitis, dependent upon frequent catheterization.
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and especially middle-ear disease, and the occurrence of chills, irregular
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even in the stage preceding coma. In one instance v. Noorden
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fifth nerve, for the anterior as well. This nerve is involved in the nuclear
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M.D. It is a careful account of the clinical symptoms Sindi post-
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pathway which are thus held out by their Professor.
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matous deposits. 3rd. Purulent formations. 4th. Ossification.
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Dr. C. L. Leonard of Philadelphia, Pa., read a paper on the
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author has not attempted to give an analysis of Life itself, but con-
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the parts. He cites in support of this view the well-known
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instances they are recognizable as caseous pneumonic areas in the
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of acute myelitis, but Erb says that it may be used from the very first in
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of aural diseases; and it is safe to say that no book
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cases, for while I did give medicines, still I think the re-
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