normal tissue, and its subsequent breaking down. Thus they explain the
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by the blood-vessels into the liver, and not by the
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the British medical fraternity. utah S YY.'YYYYY.YYYYYY.YYYY.Y. 6, 465
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of disease, should always excite apprehension in the mind of the physician.
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and about the blood-vessels of the pia. In many of them the
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may be few and discrete for a long time, and then suddenly increase
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and although not complaining of anything, had a faint-
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She began before the month ended to take a little water and mucilage ia
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making is constantly progressing. This work shows art in bookmaking,
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Horsley is inclined to ascribe this difference in latency to
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the alimentary tract by way of the biliary ducts; rarely was there direct
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it. This is e.-isily done by placing thc^ sfionge n,t a little dis-
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almost disappear from the blood, sometimes return to normal mini-
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same individuals ; and the fact that this species — which
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stenosis of the pylorus, the mortality is represented by
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phenomena of the mesmeric state are truly symptoms of a
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cent, and before the vascular zone has reached its full develop-
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pupils and others who desired vaccination. Only about 50 per cent of the
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and in favor of this are the cases with parsesthesias, those with sensory changes
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only an experience I did not care to continue, and I
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direction of the current of blood. Hence in aneurisms of the innomi-
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disease will returji, and attack parts which cannot be reached
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of the body can also be properly adjusted. The mattress with blanket
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fectly motionlfpfi ; for by this means an estimate can be formed
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But she ultimately recovered. It was not tUl June, 1863,
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one out of every four hundred labor cases dies of puerperal sepsis, and
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intractable diseases is free from shock or other un-
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To softening in a degree involving disorganization, resulting from the
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to which bronchial catarrhal inflammation is due. Overheated dwellings,
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mons. The tongue in some of these is covered with simple conical
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toms were violent rheumatoid pains in the muscles, not
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atrophy, there is also sclerosis of a much more pronounced chai-acter than
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of sudden onset towards the end of 1918. Cough commenced at the
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on taking nasal swabs obtained the bacillus in every one of the fifty-one
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present in the gastric region in 75 per cent. In from 75 to 90 per cent,