or is actually tubercular " (Poncet). I shall examine these two forms of
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and in this paper for species of this genus, and by others (Milburn,"
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suspending bacteria. Whitmorc applied this principle to a wide
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with in adults, and the congenital nature of which was not certain.
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* Slightly modified from Farr : Medicine for Nurses, Philadelphia, 1915.
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Hospital, in a case in which coma and slight hemiplegia
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ject of late, there is but litlle, in a practical point of
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the intercostal spaces. When the diaphragm was free from pain, it
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steam plants. The buildings will be in the centre of
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catarrhal disease of the conjunctiva. It is usually infec-
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tests at the bacteriological laboratory of the Board of Health by injecting
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retarded in the past by the mistaken conception of the importance
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Laennec himself. A few years before the publication of his great work in
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as contained in the nucleus, and our conception of the cell and its peculiar
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arisen from the patients plunging into freezing water,
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which has been long known, but which has not hitherto been available for gene-
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Anasthesia — M. Jacowski, a practitioner of Paris, has revived
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previously found in the livet of rabbits. That undergoes development,
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The various processes adapted to these purposes, form the func-
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organic murmurs are found, is mainly or exclusively functional. It is not
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containing pieces of camphor - Cigarra Camphorce) is said
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Ordinary fresh water freezes at 32 F. while ocean water,
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probability that the germs of the disease are contained
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may seem to be no hope. In order to obtain such results the inunc-
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existed, with considerable fulness over the upper, front, and inner aspects
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window open an inch, with the wind blowing thirty miles
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pital — dimness of vision. Examination revealed almost
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L96 A. I. Kendall, A. A. Day, A. W. Walker, M. Ryan
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and called also by the same name of erysipelas, is very common in