contend that this is the only etiologic factor, and he
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to the usual size, and felt like a normal testicle. The
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last three or four days, especially when asleep ; appetite good ;
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limb, and to walk tolerably well. This was put on twenty-nine days
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ber, fize, and diftribution in the wound, depends, in a great
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account for the relatively frequent occurrence of lactic acid.
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mixing together equal parts of cooking Soda or Saleratus and
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however, may pride themselves on the fact that their accusers
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contact with those men here who, in my estimation, are do-
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the poisonous effects of atropine to those of opium ; but I think in
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tation. The murmur is the typical bellows murmur loudest at the
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perium was marked by fever, with pain and tenderness
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relaxing movement of the muscles in the spinal area is
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boy who was slow in this respect soon lost prestige with his com-
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Hospital, last year. She was a foreigner, was probably
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is not correct, inasmuch as the intensity of the febrile movement is not
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particularly on the right side, with the exception of the glutei, which
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interstitial nephritis showed heavy appetites, sedentary
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duced my hand to remove the adherent placenta. In this manipulation I
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a peculiar condition must characterize the cerebral nervous elements, as well as those of
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rhoea occurs, it is to be checked by the acetate of lead and opium by the mouth,
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sterility and yet avoid the introduction into operative wounds of the
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mostly had renal arteriosclerosis. The tendency to in-
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a murmur exactly resembling that which jji'occeds from Talvular
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IV.r-Stomachical Excretions; or Eructation, Regurgitation, and Vo-
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whereas formerly his business had been confined to Spartanburg
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in the vomitus in such cases. Nevertheless, the very sudden onset in
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patient literally dies from deficient oxygen, and in diabetes, the med-
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against its being a permanent factor in diagnosis have
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Jae-phal {Hind,, Duk., Beng.), Zkidl (Hash.), Jadi-
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^c^t-Lj^ HZZjb^ tU^j^!^^ /Z^sz^g*/ £&j>a^^€. ^4r Oui^u^g^r ^ f y'
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The bromide of potassium has been highly recommended
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chylous, rapidly coagulable fluid, and usually contain filaria larvae. This
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ferred of superfoetation. He recollected a case which
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clots are found in either portion of the generative tract, they
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On the scalp in children there is ordinarily seen one or more circular
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with the stomach, and does not produce purgation of the bowels. I may
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ordinary examination of the blood goes, the post-mortem appearances are similar to those
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and Dr. W. W. Ingalls, formerly of Olive Branch, Clermont Co.,
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all cases, the cases in which syphilis exi.sted without
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