the instep. Pass a strap through these holes. Put two or three pairs

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remissions. Generally speaking, the loss of memory is not nearly so well

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The view that the morbid influence is irritative rather than paralytic is thus

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mal site. It has not been quite four weeks since the operation, and

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small round protuberance. All else is unsatisfactory as regards their

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to a mass of exudate surrounding an almost empty gall-

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rhage an identical condition of affairs was found. We cannot always

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to the inferior vena cava along the taenia terminalis, while in the other


York (annual — Malone) ; Newark (private) and Trenton,

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also that primary traumatic hsematomyelia occurs in the lower lumbar

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cases showing a profusion of oval, bipolarly staining bacilli, in smears

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A Surgical Procedure for the Relief of Ovarian-Tension Pain,

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of communicating measles by fomites. They base their conclusion upon the idea that

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Minneapolis, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Richmond, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Tampa.

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Yet in the majority of instances we anticipate that

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Compound Syrup of the Hypophosphites (Lime, Soda, Potash, and Iron,)

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extermination the attack should be begun right early.

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cuius components Rare incidents of acute interstitial nephritis

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fessional care of patients is not discussed in this volume; this subject will be

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those who have to associate with them and wait upon them."

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State Legislature, a herd of 200 cattle are now being vaccinated

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value to our old conceptions of epilepsy as of a disease in which faulty

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dicate that the latter organ was wanting in the dis-

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is afforded by the use of plain bismuth or charcoal, and observing

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the membrane is attached. The regional lymph-glands are enlarged and the

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