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stasis, and that there may be some other cause. The Conti-

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ment of pneumothorax ; so the puriform fluid which has resulted

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Osteophytes, adhesions, and infiltration of the tissues prevent movement,

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desire that his name shall not be mentioned in the re-

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Some of the cases had a long intermission, — say two days.

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turnover in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis. Bone

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was now normal. No swelling about the joint. Menses appeared.

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When pneumonia occurs in measles, it does ternum to the fold of the vagina, on the right

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The splint is the internal angular splint with a flexi-

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essential pathology from the ordinary polypoid growths, usually called

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the spleen, a pale, wan complexion, and purpuric spots all

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ment of the eyes. Slight articulatory impairment is not uncommon, and

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and being apparently out of all danger, the same thing happened again,

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The corrective must l)e ajjplied in two ways : 1. By demand-

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differ, in the cirrhotic kidney the secretory function, and in the large

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tremities, while the pulmonary artery conveys blood to the lower half

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failure of the heart, the pulse being imperceptible, and the skin cold, livid,

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come from the rupture of a pelvic abscess, whose existence

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that they are always associated with lesions of the blood-making

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recreational facilities. Should gross $35,000 the first year.

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larynx producing asphyxia. Such patients should be given