in Chart (p. 87) the notable improvement that has here occurred, affecting
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ataxia, and aneurism are among the later results. Add to this that
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the mosquito must be due to some as yet unrecognized stage of
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ground membrane to create a link in the chain of the
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bulging. The side is motionless, or nearly so, in the acts of respiration,
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the preliminary experiments before he began the tail clip-
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the presence of globules and coagulable substanca in our alimen-
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Pathology. This affection was carefully investigated by
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disease, but few deaths occurred. During the months of August
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Prolonged use of Ceclor may result in the overgrowth of
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Botany, Mr. Bilks and Dr. Mason ; Metallurgy, Mr. W.
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library system, and during the past year about four hundred
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of sub-division; the end pieces are sometimes with their
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malarial parasite. J. State M., Lond., 1899, vii, 095-701.—
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per cent, of haemoglobin. Of this number seventy- seven
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shoulder was brought in. Nelaton .sr at( d the man so
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were aware of any thing serious till about ten o'clock, A. M., when
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Certain diuretics are apt to mask the gradual onset of severe failure because they
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in fact all the surroundings of the patient, become con-
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WbsKt, then, is the cause of the numberless failures to
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on the one hand and of cure on the other he inoculated altogether six
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that the streptococcus was not the cause in all the cases of
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rage. 13 hrs. Contact: Annenberg Center, Eisenhower Medical
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edy prized most highly is the scrapings of a meteoric stone.
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convenience from the truss ; tumour solid, contracted, and pulseless ; tempera-
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Heustis considers the case as probably one of spas-
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certain points on Mexican National and Mexican Gulf Railroads-
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and funiculitis. In elephantiasis arabum the microfilariae usually
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lacies on which it is based. This is so fairly accomplished, and
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tartarlithine and sulphur should be much more potent in the same lines. The fore-
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of breast, (6. ; encysted, of neck, 225; abdominal, i6.;
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and the psoas muscle. In these cases the growth had extended directly
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watery; there is aching of the head, back, and limbs; the pulse is
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investigations have shown that it may at times develop pathogenic
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perature of from 25°-27° C, at wliicli temperature digestion
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Dr. WoLFLER, in speaking of the treatment of goitre with subcutaneous injec-
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appearance from^extravasated blood. The wound ofl the back was about
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Cromwell's life, particularly Buchan and Fraser. 12 It echoes the opinion
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frequently occur from a neglect of this important rule.
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ent-day methods of dry sweeping. Attention must also be given to
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The Use of Gentian-violet in the Treatment of Infections. By John W*.
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occasionally hereditary, it attacks several members of the same family,
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March 31 shall be deemed delinquent until his name is
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