compendious descriptions of the older writers, following Hippocrates, a correct and
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On December 30th, E. L., his sister, about thirteen
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anatomical museum, provided with everything necessary to elu-
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carditis is common. Among the intercurrent diseases to which the patients
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determinations can be obtained by means of two graduated cylinders
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by a cyst, which adhered to the visceral arachnoid and contained three or
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11. Poscharissky: Ueber heteroplastisclie Knochenbildung, Beitr. z. path. Anat.
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increased by increasing the nutriment, by quickening oxidation,
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cytes, especially of the multinuclear cells. The child did not gain
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cervix much hypertrophied, os patulous, admitting the index finger, vel-
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Neurotonic Reaction. A few years ago Marina * and Remak 2 independently
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them. In these animals the incubation period, which varies and is
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not been for Dr. Fitz'scarelul examination of the tubes
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with sufficient accuracy for clinica'l purposes by multiplying the last
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pearance of a persistent brachial diplegia, accompanied
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days before admission he fell, striking his knee, but producing
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stagnant pools, and removing the deleterious ferments of the soil
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will be published as space permits and will be distributed to physicians making inquiries of such opportunities.
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administration of diphtheria toxine. Guinea pigs are also exceedingly
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Dilatation and Hypertrophy. — Physiology of the process — Its estimation —
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the first classification is not only confirmed but further strengthened by the
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surgeon and operator ; and the meeting pledges itself
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to employ it as the principal character in the determination of
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repeated request that these positions be upgraded. Consequently,
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absence of heart lesion, and of the minute exaraiiiatiou of the brain.
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blacksmiths, tinners, wheelwrights, tanners, butchers, cabinet-makers.
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there is considerable danger of adding too much chlorid of lime. Hence