The trachea and oesophagus were severed just below the head, opposite the cerTical vertebn.

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non-appearance of other pharyngeal and glandular affections, as well

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be mistaken for the enzymes peculiar to the exudate.

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confirmed by Alfred Vogel, Heller, and others (but chiefly in

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various conditions. They are easily recognized by their white color, by

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nosis: If the pulse rale is very rapid, but the rhythm is

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when spirit was the only fluid used, and therefore very close fitting ;

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II is extensive with involvement of the arch as well as

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rise to the interlobular plexuses, and extends thenoe in a greater or

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Dr. Dax McKexzie said he had seen two or three cases similar to that

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Profound anaemia without hypermetropia is also in some cases

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it (lobelia &c.) did not vomit her, and should be retained, it would

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pends upon the question whether the substance that surrounds

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the period of infancy has passed, is a profoundly in-

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on his death-bed, expressing a preference for Spanish

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with progressive loss of strength and emaciation, and these phenomena

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this, recovery can often be secured without suppuration with-

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pulmonary circulation. I'rora these experiments it appeared

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Treatmctit. Fraenkel's exercises were commenced on 17th

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tuberculosis, the grave suspicion of malignancy, and the possibility that if

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liver was slightly hardened. The spleen was very large

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to take up the matter, the present law forbidding any abuse

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merit. A course of laxatives should be instituted. For

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during pregnancy may suffer sometimes most severely, and those who have

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the ahc nasi and the cavity of the mouth, particularly the soft palate,

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had stones in regions not definitely specified. Of the 216 patients, 58

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Of the pathology of the several forms of pernicious, as compared with simple

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* Hoskins, R. G., Rowley, W. N., and Rosser, C, Arch. Int. Med., 1915, xvi,

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the forearm with loss of skin which a hand could not cover, heal-

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a sitting depends mainly on the courage and endurance of the patient.

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medical inspection of 297,785 immigrants ; to the Civil Ser-

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A frequent location of the lesions is in the liver, in which the foci may