of the onset, together with but one joint being affected, the general ab-

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As the sensibility of the mucous membrane is largely obliterated by the

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consists in an excess of blood, chiefly in the portal veins, with a slowed

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abscess. The symptoms are those of irritation; spasmodic action of the

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disease. Autumn is the most unfavorable season. Favorable hygienic sur-

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weakness and anaemia, as from pressure of the enlarged liver. When symp-

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As a rule there are no subjective signs of thoracic aneurism until the

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disappearance of the bruit. Sometimes, where the aneurysm involves

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The peritoneal cavity must be regarded as a large lymph space which

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forming of foul ulcers, the symptoms may be those of septicemia and

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is best and, if possible, should always be applied. It gives the most

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all. The cotton should be carried higher than the bandage. The

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which is the seat of the pneumonia. Over the unaffected lung there is ex-

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surface of the liver project as large irregular tumors.

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tion of '* septic" diphtheritic membrane is removed, ulcers are found in

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dences of bronchitis are usually present in the bronchial tubes. The pa-

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prominence on the front of the sternum. Its relation with the sternum

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T, dispar abounds in this country, Europe, Syria, and Egypt ; it is

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the functions of the skin and bov/els, and thus afford the kidney com-

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observers, Cohnheim among them, have given drawings of these organ-

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The first indication of recovery is a diminution in the frequency of the

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curs in connection with all septic dieases, such as pyaemia, septicajmia,

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tain the circulation results directly in dilatation only when that demand is

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ficial support in place of the muscle which it is desired to develop,

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have not been distinctive in character. After exposure to sudden yaria-

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of atropia (hypodermically), muscarine, picrotoxine, ergot, — all may be

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eration of the hypertrophied walls, the result of imperfect nutrition, the

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vessels, because (1) it is often absent jn cases of large white kidney, in lar-

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a restricted diet is an important part of the treatment.

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different kinds ; Cultivation of Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables; Dogs; Babbits ; Horses ;

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vesicular element to the tympanitic note in emphysema never found in

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The question naturally arises : — is it not possible to counteract or neutral-

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