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temperature; while (a) may be due to any of these causes.

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It occurs more commonly among children than adults, women

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frequently, and froths profusely from the mouth, 4.33. — Stands

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5. A Case of Sarcoma of the Uterus. F. H. Davenport.


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parasites being found in the blood ; neither was there albumin nor

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Fig. 98 shows the effect of taking three fairly deep respirations. The line of

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fail to induce diaphoresis, pilocarpin may be given hypoder-

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temperature that the thermometer has been known to fall at Quebec

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suit equally well Inguinal, Veutro-inguinal, or Femoral Hernia; the difference being in the form of the

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Dr Currie has recommended to our notice. He has taught us

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and as rapid a decline, the heat passing, in one or two days, to the normal

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In the first, the initial gastro-intestinal disturbances and the discovery of

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early diagnosis, the treatment of serum antitoxin was

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to the ages as they pass, that simple duty has no place for fear.

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SneU, James James, TVilliam H. TV. Wilkinson, J. G.

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We have a reputation for protecting YOUR reputation

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grains (gm. 0.6 to 2) to an adult, and seem to be non-irritating. Excreted

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(the decline of the fever) may be looked for. Occasionally death

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patient in labour suffering from puerperal convulsions. The con-